Pharaoh Build brings native Build Automation to PHP Web Applications, with native PHP, Shell, and Source Control support out of the box, templated build pipelines for your favourite frameworks, and a wealth of Modules in our Repository for easily extensibility functionality.

  • Source Control

    Pharaoh Build integrates seamlessly with the most common Source Control technologies and services out of the box. Those include Git, Github, Bitbucket, Subversion and CVS. Enterprise customers also have extensions available for other common Source Control technologies.

  • Release Processes

    In the Pharoh Tools DevOps Stack, Pharaoh Build works with Pharaoh Deploy, Track and Manage to provide solid release processes that can utilise automated deployment, authorization, scale, logic, security, speed and accessibility.

  • Module Repository

    Easily extend functionality through the web interface or command line to add Module from our Module Repository, or your own repositories, in seconds.

  • Test your Builds

    Pharaoh Build integrates seamlessly with Pharaoh Test to provide easily usable while highly configurable test suites for your applications, automated and annotated with the Graphs, Monitors and Integrations you'd expect from an Enterprise build server.

For Teams

Here we discuss patterns and use cases for Pharaoh Build for Teams or Enterprise Environments

For Development

Here we discuss patterns and use cases for Pharaoh Build in Development Environments

What's Build?

Pharaoh Build is the build and monitoring server written as part of Pharaoh tools. We'e aiming to create a build server that addresses all of the issues for a PHP build stack. We integrate with all your favourite and most common tools. We support commonly used principles of build steps and pipelines. We want to be simple to prototype, and to share our build configurations. We integrate with all of the other Pharaoh Tools, so that we can easily create highly integrated, automated and complex builds as and where we need.


Detailed Install Instructions for getting Pharaoh Build running on your machine.

Getting Started

Here we have a few tips and tricks to help you get the best start from your Pharaoh Build experience.


An overview of the Features available in Pharaoh Build.