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Everything as Code

Infrastructure as Code - our weapon for Agile Infrastructure. Reproducible, Prototypable, Easily Changeable systems. As far as Pharaoh goes, why stop there? We want to be able to configure everything that our applicaiton is going to use, at any stage of the stack, using PHP code from within our application.

We write our Unit Tests and our Web front end tests in PHP already, so shouldn't we go for our whole stack using a common language? Why not have every resource that we consume in our app controlled in our app code. Our automated tests of any kind in any environment, our test configurations, our server configurations, our infrastructure, our virtualisation management, our source control management, our build configuration and management, our monitoring configurations, everything.

We can use convention over configuration like we would in any framework, and allow ourselves the benefits of reproducibility, versioning, and extensibility across the entire stack. We can be as granular as we need when we need to, but can still prototype in no time.